IMBS (I.M BUSINESS SOLUTION) is a Company with the portfolio of diversified products and services. IMBS team consists of experienced and professional staff with the experience of almost 15 years in Pakistan's & Abroad Market. We are offering variety of products and services by keeping customer needs and satisfaction as per latest trends all over country and worldwide ---> CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILED PROFILE...


I.M Business Solution is a company specializing in meeting the unique measurement and instrumentation needs of the Oil & Gas, IT, Power, Electrical, Safety and other industries. Our portfolio of products offers solutions for the upstream, midstream and downstream segments of the industry. From instruments and equipment for production to petroleum product testing equipment for terminals and consumers, we offers many technologies, systems and solutions that are unique to our customers ---> CLICK HERE TO SEE PRODUCT DETATILS



IMES was established in 2007 with a customer centric approach to provide affordable solutions for organizations seeking E-Tender Services, E-Marketing Solutions & Social Media Marketing, that would be competitively prices and simple to maintain.

Our clientele ranges from Multinational Corporations to small & medium enterprises as well as NGOs & development sector organizations. We are covering goverment sector as well.

Every solutions provided by us is unique and innovative. Our approach has been always customer and market communication centric. We create solutions keeping your target consumer and audience in mind.

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Web Solutions

IMWS is an established and trusted graphic design company in Pakistan. Founded in 2004, we've provided highly tailored graphic design and web development solutions to satisfied clients across the globe, covering all kind of clients.

We are a small, agile Pakistani design team with a unique multidisciplinary approach, incorporating strategic design, development, business know-how and research based consumer psychology.

Over the years, we've earned international acclaim and a myriad of industry awards, not to mention the undying support and gratitude of our rapidly growing client base.

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Media Services

IMMS is established in 2005. We really hope that you want to create an innovative campaign combining the print, electronic, digital and outdoor media. That's what IMMS does best. We're media agnostics, so we use all means available to tell our client's stories in the way that is most relevant to the target. We offers media solutions to clients in conventional as well as traditional media. It has a dedicated multi-city network which helps the centralized planning and buying process with the capability to 'execute & activate' at a localized level. The strong IT based network not only enables a bottom up planning approach, instead of the traditional top down models, but also provide a unique media service delivery platform through its micro-marketing infrastructure.

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