TV Commercial is a video production for your company or product; it’s a powerful tool to expand your customers’ criteria and publicity of your product worldwide and nationwide. Do you want a video presentation for your company, product or business? IMBS provides you great chance to post your product’s video presentation at a good place on local or national TV channels. If you want to purchase some air-time for your TV Commercial on a local television station and need a commercial spot? IMBS provides you best media buying and posting services without standing TV Commercial production services. We have successful advertisers at IMBS and offer outstanding value to our customers by providing the highest quality TV commercial production services at very reasonable prices.   

We work with independent producers to create and present TVC that take creative risks, advance issues and represent points of view not usually seen on public or commercial television. IMBS is committed to producing TVC that addresses the needs of underserved and underrepresented audiences. We look for TVC that bring new audiences to public television and that expand civic participation by bringing diverse voices into the public sphere. We have talented video editors just waiting to put their talents to work for you. Contact us today and let's get started! We want your business video presentation to be exactly what you want.

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