I.M Business Solution provides comprehensive tender listings covering all business categories and departments in Pakistan.

WHO CAN AVAIL: If you are a Manufacturer, Supplier, Importer or exporter or doing business in any sector in Pakistan or looking forward for starting business in Pakistan in any department/domain/sector, then you should avail these services. These services will provide you complete overview of strategic business trends in Pakistan.

COVERAGE: We provide Tenders covering whole Pakistan region. Our tender resource includes all published and un-published tenders all over Pakistan. We collect the tender notices from different sources, categorize them and send through E-MAIL.

MECHANISM: We are covering all major Newspapers across the country. We also covers Federal PPRA, Provincial PPRA websites along with AJK PPRA. We are having huge data bases of all Government, Semi-Government and private departments websites and we scan all these websites through a special designed software to collect/download all uploaded inquiries from all those sites. We covers all sources to provide you 100% notices.

CATEGORIZATION: Both tenders and Clients are classified according to their region and industry. By maintaining these classifications these services are able to match tenders with subscribers, and ensuring that subscribers only receive relevant tenders relevant to where they can provide their service/product and to what service/product they can provide. Client can nominate more than one contact to receive e-mail notification by paying very small amount. We scan, download, categorize and send relevant emails to our valuable clients.


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We advise clients across numerous sectors to understand the core components for tendering structure. Our leading bid/tender success rate currently stands better resulting in high levels of repeat business with many customers.

We have developed an award winning tender management process/formats/structure that will ensure your team process winning bids efficiently, effectively and commercially/technically. We will assist your organization in order to organize, manage and deliver high quality submissions.

As industry specialists who possess evaluation, procurement and management skills, our appointed team member will add value to our clients by marking bids prior to their submission. We have proven interventions which ultimately lead to a winning bid.

We write proposal formats and persuasive content on your behalf to help alleviate the stress and confusion associated with complex tenders. In addition to improving the caliber of your submission and strike rate, the time efficient practice allows you to focus your efforts on your core business, the financial model and resource planning.

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E-mail: info@imbs.com.pk